Sunday, July 17, 2016

The Wedding Cake

Another important element which goes into a wedding, is deciding upon what cake you are going to have. According to top Cairo Events Planner there are four main options to choose from, and we will go over each of these options below.
The first option is the one that most people are familiar with: Traditional and formal.  This option involves a usually all-white cake.  There are usually flowers on the cake, often made of a sugar paste.  They can be in the shape of gardenias, calla lilies, and roses.  These cakes normally are three to four inches high, each level being a tier.  Each tier has four layers of cake in it.  A common flavor combination used is a citrus-vanilla flavored cake iced with a butter cream frosting.

The second option is a contemporary or modern original design.  This type of cake is taller than the traditional type, as the tiers are four to six inches high.  In addition, the contemporary cake often has more elaborate designs than the traditional cake, and these designs usually repeat on the sides or top.  The flavor of these cakes are more bold than traditional cakes; the flavors can include hazelnut, red velvet, and hummingbird (a type of carrot cake with a hint of pineapple flavoring).
The third option is the romantic and nontraditional cake.  This type of cake is more whimsical in design; it can be based on virtually anything, even the design of a wedding dress.  This cake is usually not uniform; as a result, the tiers can be of varying heights.  Thus, the structure of the cake is not in a uniform pattern, making its appearance much different from traditional and contemporary cakes.

The fourth option is the casual wedding cake.  This type of cake is a creative alternative to the traditional, three-tiered wedding cake.  These are often in the form of many different variations of pies.  This option has a laid-back feel to it, plus shows a country flavor as well.  Due to the many different flavor options available, everyone is bound to be pleased by one flavor or another.
As you can see, there are four main types of wedding cake of which you can choose for your wedding.  The first main question you have to consider is whether you want a traditional wedding cake or another option.  If you are open to having something other than a traditional wedding cake, then you have several different options to choose from.

The second main question is how much you are willing to spend, as more ornate designs (such as those found in contemporary cakes) will cost more.

The third main question is how much of your personality and style do you want reflected in your cake?  A traditional cake doesn’t leave much room for personal design, whereas the other three do (especially the nontraditional option).
By carefully considering these questions and determining how much you want to spend, you will come up with a great cake that accentuates your wedding day that much more.

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Selecting Your Wedding Music

As you prepare for your upcoming wedding, many elements need to come together.  This includes the venue, the catering, the flowers, and the music.  Yes, you have to decide upon the music for your wedding.  Choosing the right music is vital to creating the perfect atmosphere for your big day.  In the section below, we will explore the factors you should consider when choosing your wedding music.
The music you select should really reflect your personality, your feelings, and your wedding theme.  Your wedding day should be remembered for being a consistent theme of your love for each other. Plus your love for all of the people who are invited to your wedding.
If your wedding has a strong central theme to it (such as a specific nationality or scene), then your music should complement that, and not be in contrast to it.

When it comes to your first dance music, be sure that the beat is a perfect speed for both of you. You want to make sure to dance well and comfortably to the music, not look out-of-rhythm and uncomfortable.  Additionally, always choose a song that has meaning to you both; it doesn’t matter if the song is not trendy or popular.  After all, this is your wedding, your day, so be sure that the song speaks to both of your hearts.

It helps if you think of your wedding planning in egypt as a movie with a plotline; this can help you to decide upon the music during the entire day.  This includes the music during the actual wedding ceremony, the father-daughter dance, the bouquet or garter toss, etc.

Those pieces should be especially meaningful as compared to the background music that would play during the reception meal and other more casual moments.  If you want to make some of your guests really feel special, you could have a song or two that really resonates with them during the day.
Be sure to coordinate with the band, DJ, or music group about the music lineup. You want to make sure you know what song is being played during which moments.  After all, you don’t want to get caught off-guard or not know what to do during a song because you weren’t expecting it.
If you are having trouble coming up with good wedding songs, there are many online sites that can give you good options.  Some, like, will even provide ratings from people to give you an idea of what is popular and what isn’t.  While you want to have songs that resonate with you, you also want some that will be hits for your guests so that they will enjoy themselves more too.
Selecting wedding music does require some thought and planning to ensure it matches up well with your wedding day.  This day is meant to be one of the most important and enjoyable of your lives, so really spend some time to consider what songs you want to play and when you want them to be played during your day.

Remember that some popular love songs are about tragedy so listen to the lyrics first, before deciding if the song is appropriate for your wedding day. After all you want to make people happy, not cry, because the lyrics are so sad.

Utilize the information above to help you come up with the best songs that will resonate with you and your guests to make this day even more special for all.

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Thursday, July 7, 2016

Engagement Ring Checklist


Make sure you’re up to speed on the four Cs.

Buy from a jeweller that is a member of the JAA (Jewellers Association of Australia) and make sure your diamond comes with a certificate offering proof of authenticity and grading. Usually luxury wedding agency would have a recommended list.

Choose a style of engagement ring that will fit alongside your wedding band and complement its design. Using the same jeweller for both rings is a sound idea.

Try out different styles. Just like wedding dresses, you may be surprised which setting suits you best.

Consider engraving the inside of your engagement ring with a personal message or the date of your engagement.

As soon as it’s on your finger, have your ring insured.

Don’t be tempted to wear it out and about if it doesn’t quite fit.

Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Pre Honeymoon Checks

Choose your dream honeymoon destination, get organised and... relax!
Put your guest list down and set aside the
seating plan – it’s time to take a
well-deserved break from all the stress
associated with wedding planning.
Booking your honeymoon, or even just
fantasising about it, can provide the ultimate
escape from the nitty-gritty of organising your
big day. It also serves as a reminder that, even
though the wedding celebrations may officially
be over when you head to the airport, you
still have romantic downtime as newlyweds
to look forward to.

The world is your oyster when it comes to
planning your post-wedding escape. From
luxurious retreats and adventure voyages,
to tropical beach bliss and urban escapades,
there is a place for every couple to unwind
for a few weeks.
Sit down with your husband-to-be early in
the planning process and discuss your dream
honeymoon locations, then research the details
carefully. If you each harbour different desires
when it comes to your dream destination – he
wants to trek through the rainforest and you
want to lie on the beach with a good book and
a cocktail in your hand – think about
incorporating a stopover, or visiting a number of
locations to cover all bases. You may even
discover a new love for the great outdoors in the
process – and he might find an appreciation for
chilling out on the sand!
If you don’t have a clear idea from the
outset, the internet is a good starting point.
Explore travel sites, look at blogs and read
reviews like those on for
inspiration. If you’re still undecided, travel
agents and specialised honeymoon planners
can help formulate a plan.

More than just flight bookings, day trips and
hotel reservations, your honeymoon is the
ultimate experience – the trip of a lifetime – so
pack like a
> Fill a suitcase each, then split everything
and pack half in each suitcase in case one is lost.
> Guaranteed tropical weather
and sunshine? Pack warmer gear just in case.
Nights could be cool.
> Confirm your luggage allowances and
any carry-on restrictions with your
airline before you pack.
> Remember to pack your passport,
any tickets, travel papers, money and
traveller’s cheques, and give a copy
of your itinerary to your family.
> Keep all liquids (under 100ml)
in a seperate bag inside your
carry-on luggage to save time
going through security.
> Attach more than one identification
tag to your checked bags.
 Locking your suitcase isn’t only for
peace of mind, your travel insurance
may depend on it!

Make sure you sign up
to airline and travel
website newsletters.
Many have great
earlybird offers for
international flights and
you want to know
straight away when
these are released so
you don’t miss out. It
could save you
thousands on the trip.
it’s worth considering all the small details that
will make it extra special. Romantic surprises,
candlelit dinners for two, relaxing spa sessions,
luxury sightseeing and cultural activities are all
worth splashing out on if you can afford to. It is,
after all, a holiday to remember.

When you first start planning your great escape,
you’ll need to assign a portion of your overall
wedding budget to the honeymoon. However,
if funds are on the tighter side thanks to the high
cost of your wedding organizer, you may want to consider
opting out of a registry full of pots and pans in
favour of a wishing well that allows guests to
contribute financially to your honeymoon.
Investigate whether you can give your guests
the option to purchase a meal for two, a bottle
of bubbles, a spa treatment, outdoor activity or
a tour for you to enjoy whilst you’re on your
holiday of a lifetime.


Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Running a retail bridal business

running a retail bridal business brings
headaches aplenty – cash flow problems,
brides with shop-around tendencies,
internet traders offering the ‘real thing’
(which it never is) for near-to-nothing, as
well as minimum order requirements,
and competitors fast to promote and ready to
discount. Now add to that possible rent increases,
staff salary reviews, the constant need to update
d├ęcor, and the small expenses that add up fast –
like the nibbles and bubbles that help seal a deal.
People go into bridal usually because of a
passion for the industry, rather than as a route
to making millions, and right from the start
they invest time, money and caring into getting
their offering right. How do they then feel when
right round the corner, someone sets up from
their front room or even a garden shed, and vies
for the same slice of the cake?

Rob and Andrew Pearce, the boys behind
award-winning retailer Creatiques, have been
in business for 25 years and, in fact, started
their bridal success story working from home.
Big difference though – they were designing
and making gowns themselves, not buying
and selling. “Today, it is becoming increasingly
obvious that many home traders are purchasing
from Chinese websites, and offering ‘designer
dresses’ for £199. One near us told a bride to visit
our shop, get our advice, take a couple of photos
and that with that information, she would source
a dress for her online. We sent a secret shopper
to her and yes, our girl got the same story.
“We pick our labels with great care and
use the experience and expertise we have
gained over more than two decades
in the business,” says Andrew. “We
have worked hard to develop good
relationships with our designers. We
pay rates and taxes to have a high
street store, yet home traders operate
with none of these expenses, and often without insurance, or even credit card charges.

Local councils should clamp down on home
trading; last year we looked at buying new
premises, but the council would not re-zone the
property for retail use, so that was the end of it.
If you cook and sell food from your home there
are rules and regulations governing what you
can and can’t do – I wonder what they have in
place for home traders… probably nothing.”
Stephanie Hanks of Brides to Be in Reading,
believes suppliers themselves need to take
responsibility. “What really angers me is the fact that supposedly
reputable designers
and manufacturers
are happy to offload their sample dresses at
rock-bottom prices to home traders. Surely most
of these companies have covered their initial
costs, when we bona fide retailers place our
sample orders? Why can’t these suppliers send
their ex/unwanted samples abroad?
“It is a very worrying time for a true bridal
shop that employs a team of staff and pays
expensive high street rent and rates – a coffee
shop seems a more attractive and less stressful
proposition going forward – at least you can’t
buy a cup of coffee online or from someone’s
spare bedroom.

“Home traders are not similar to us high
street shops, and they should not be treated
with the same reverence. They have not
invested many thousands of pounds in stock
and support of labels as we have, they have not
invested in a team of well-trained staff and yet
they wish to be perceived in the same light. We
work up to a standard and not down to a price.
In my view a home trader reduces the bridal
gown purchasing experience to something
akin to Tupperware.”
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