Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Pre Honeymoon Checks

Choose your dream honeymoon destination, get organised and... relax!
Put your guest list down and set aside the
seating plan – it’s time to take a
well-deserved break from all the stress
associated with wedding planning.
Booking your honeymoon, or even just
fantasising about it, can provide the ultimate
escape from the nitty-gritty of organising your
big day. It also serves as a reminder that, even
though the wedding celebrations may officially
be over when you head to the airport, you
still have romantic downtime as newlyweds
to look forward to.

The world is your oyster when it comes to
planning your post-wedding escape. From
luxurious retreats and adventure voyages,
to tropical beach bliss and urban escapades,
there is a place for every couple to unwind
for a few weeks.
Sit down with your husband-to-be early in
the planning process and discuss your dream
honeymoon locations, then research the details
carefully. If you each harbour different desires
when it comes to your dream destination – he
wants to trek through the rainforest and you
want to lie on the beach with a good book and
a cocktail in your hand – think about
incorporating a stopover, or visiting a number of
locations to cover all bases. You may even
discover a new love for the great outdoors in the
process – and he might find an appreciation for
chilling out on the sand!
If you don’t have a clear idea from the
outset, the internet is a good starting point.
Explore travel sites, look at blogs and read
reviews like those on for
inspiration. If you’re still undecided, travel
agents and specialised honeymoon planners
can help formulate a plan.

More than just flight bookings, day trips and
hotel reservations, your honeymoon is the
ultimate experience – the trip of a lifetime – so
pack like a
> Fill a suitcase each, then split everything
and pack half in each suitcase in case one is lost.
> Guaranteed tropical weather
and sunshine? Pack warmer gear just in case.
Nights could be cool.
> Confirm your luggage allowances and
any carry-on restrictions with your
airline before you pack.
> Remember to pack your passport,
any tickets, travel papers, money and
traveller’s cheques, and give a copy
of your itinerary to your family.
> Keep all liquids (under 100ml)
in a seperate bag inside your
carry-on luggage to save time
going through security.
> Attach more than one identification
tag to your checked bags.
 Locking your suitcase isn’t only for
peace of mind, your travel insurance
may depend on it!

Make sure you sign up
to airline and travel
website newsletters.
Many have great
earlybird offers for
international flights and
you want to know
straight away when
these are released so
you don’t miss out. It
could save you
thousands on the trip.
it’s worth considering all the small details that
will make it extra special. Romantic surprises,
candlelit dinners for two, relaxing spa sessions,
luxury sightseeing and cultural activities are all
worth splashing out on if you can afford to. It is,
after all, a holiday to remember.

When you first start planning your great escape,
you’ll need to assign a portion of your overall
wedding budget to the honeymoon. However,
if funds are on the tighter side thanks to the high
cost of your wedding organizer, you may want to consider
opting out of a registry full of pots and pans in
favour of a wishing well that allows guests to
contribute financially to your honeymoon.
Investigate whether you can give your guests
the option to purchase a meal for two, a bottle
of bubbles, a spa treatment, outdoor activity or
a tour for you to enjoy whilst you’re on your
holiday of a lifetime.


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