Sunday, July 17, 2016

The Wedding Cake

Another important element which goes into a wedding, is deciding upon what cake you are going to have. According to top Cairo Events Planner there are four main options to choose from, and we will go over each of these options below.
The first option is the one that most people are familiar with: Traditional and formal.  This option involves a usually all-white cake.  There are usually flowers on the cake, often made of a sugar paste.  They can be in the shape of gardenias, calla lilies, and roses.  These cakes normally are three to four inches high, each level being a tier.  Each tier has four layers of cake in it.  A common flavor combination used is a citrus-vanilla flavored cake iced with a butter cream frosting.

The second option is a contemporary or modern original design.  This type of cake is taller than the traditional type, as the tiers are four to six inches high.  In addition, the contemporary cake often has more elaborate designs than the traditional cake, and these designs usually repeat on the sides or top.  The flavor of these cakes are more bold than traditional cakes; the flavors can include hazelnut, red velvet, and hummingbird (a type of carrot cake with a hint of pineapple flavoring).
The third option is the romantic and nontraditional cake.  This type of cake is more whimsical in design; it can be based on virtually anything, even the design of a wedding dress.  This cake is usually not uniform; as a result, the tiers can be of varying heights.  Thus, the structure of the cake is not in a uniform pattern, making its appearance much different from traditional and contemporary cakes.

The fourth option is the casual wedding cake.  This type of cake is a creative alternative to the traditional, three-tiered wedding cake.  These are often in the form of many different variations of pies.  This option has a laid-back feel to it, plus shows a country flavor as well.  Due to the many different flavor options available, everyone is bound to be pleased by one flavor or another.
As you can see, there are four main types of wedding cake of which you can choose for your wedding.  The first main question you have to consider is whether you want a traditional wedding cake or another option.  If you are open to having something other than a traditional wedding cake, then you have several different options to choose from.

The second main question is how much you are willing to spend, as more ornate designs (such as those found in contemporary cakes) will cost more.

The third main question is how much of your personality and style do you want reflected in your cake?  A traditional cake doesn’t leave much room for personal design, whereas the other three do (especially the nontraditional option).
By carefully considering these questions and determining how much you want to spend, you will come up with a great cake that accentuates your wedding day that much more.

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