Monday, January 9, 2017

Cats Language

Dear cat parent,

Most cats are smarter than human babies. MUCH smarter. And as a loving parent of a four legged child, I bet you already knew that, didn’t you?
My name is Jonas Jurgella, animal researcher. Along with my PhD in Animal Studies, I have 14 years researching these incredible animals in a clinical setting next to their caregivers. I’ve talked to hundreds of cat owners across the country, and heard incredible stories ranging from humorous to tear-jerking.

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In our research circle, we like to compare cats to a higher level human being. We often say cats
have a brain about as developed as an adolescent teenager. This explains their wide range of
emotions, for example. Which brings me to the topic I’d like to address with you today, the one question I get from cat owners more than anything else:

Do our cats think about us?
My team and I have taken this question quite seriously. People care about their cats as much as their children. So this is a very important topic for us as researchers and fellow cat lovers. The answer is yes, they absolutely do. Once a bond is formed between parent and child, it is not easily broken. And indeed cats really do see you as their caregiver and personal leader. There is a very real bond that extends beyond just protection and food. It would best be described as love.

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